Spring School of Spectroscopic Data Analyses

Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of B, A, F and G type stars

8–12 April 2013, Wrocław, Poland




Day 1
  • Introduction to the subject of the school. Katrien Uytterhoeven Presentation   Video
  • Stellar Atmosphers: introduction. Giovanni Catanzaro Presentation    Video
  • How to build a model of the atmosphere and spectrum? Robert Kurucz Presentation    Video
  • Atomic data - where to get them, how to use them. Tatiana Ryabchikova Presentation    Video
  • Stellar spectral classification. Richard O. Gray Presentation    Video
  • Codes for atmospheric model determination: ATLAS 9 and ATLAS12. Robert Kurucz Presentation    Video
  • Workshop: Spectroscopic data reduction & normalisation (IRAF). Giovanni Catanzaro Presentation    Video
Day 2
  • How to determine effective temperature from spectrum & spectral lines. Barry Smalley Presentation    Video
  • How to determine surface gravity from spectrum & spectral lines. Giovanni Catanzaro Presentation    Video
  • Effective temperature and surface gravity from photometric methods. Barry Smalley Presentation    Video
  • How to determine rotational velocity, microturbulence & macroturbulence. Giovanni Catanzaro Presentation    Video
  • Codes & methods of analysis: what do we have on the market. Tatiana Ryabchikova Presentation    Video
  • Workshop: Atmospheric model determination: ATLAS9. Tatiana Ryabchikova
  • Workshop: Spectrum synthesis, LTE analysis. Spectroscopy Made Easy (SME). Tatiana Ryabchikova
Day 3
Day 4
  • Basics of the NLTE physics. Jiĝí Kubát Presentation    Video
  • Mechanisms of departures from LTE. Maria Bergemann Presentation    Video
  • NLTE analysis of spectra: FG stars. Maria Bergemann Presentation    Video
  • NLTE analysis of spectra: OBA stars. Jiĝí Kubát Presentation    Video
  • Current status of NLTE analysis and perspectives for future. Jiĝí Kubát Presentation    Video
  • Introduction to DETAIL/SIU. Maria Bergemann Presentation
  • Workshop: Spectrum synthesis, NLTE analysis: Spectrum Investigation Utility (SIU). Maria Bergemann, Jiĝí Kubát
Day 5
  • Problems with atomic data: including all lines. Robert Kurucz Presentation    Video
  • What influences the results? Barry Smalley Presentation    Video
  • Solar abundances problem. Maria Bergemann Presentation    Video
  • The future: analysis of spectra with more complex physical models: NLTE and 3D model atmospheres. Maria Bergemann Presentation    Video
  • Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). Wojciech Pych Presentation
  • Workshop: 3D analysis: Spectrum Investigation Utility (SIU). Maria Bergemann